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These pages have been constructed with attention focused on high-school and first-year college science students and their parents. Within these pages you will find course and assignment information, tutorials, problem sets, links to additional materials and other useful information. Please consider these pages a developing work in progress and feel free to contact Mr. Cole about the contents of this site at with advice and suggestions.

Physics First

My personal educational philosophy follows the Physics First philosophy championed by Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman and the ARISE Project. I recommend, if possible, that an introductory physics course (e.g., Conceptual Physics) be taken before Chemistry. There are many topics in Physics (such as Forces, Energy, Work, Momentum, etc.) that will help the student understand concepts in Chemistry. However, there are fewer topics in Chemistry that will help begining students understand concepts in Physics.


I also recommend taking Chemistry before Biology for similar reasons. Many topics in modern Biology (respiration, photosynthesis, DNA-, RNA- and protein-synthesis, etc.) assume a basic understanding of chemical principles. Unfortunately, most standardized tests expect students to have Biology during or before the tenth grade, making this recommendation somewhat impractical.

The Instructor

Mr. Cole officially began his teaching career as an instructor at Battle Ground Academy, a private school in Tennessee, in 1980. After completing a Masters degree in Physics at Vanderbilt University he took a research position with the University of Wisconsin's Synchrotron Radiation Center. In 1994, Mr. Cole obtained his Wisconsin Teacher's Certification and returned to teaching at the high school level. In 2000, he was one of the first few instructors in the state of Wisconsin to earn National Board Certification. Now retired and volunteering in the local schools, Mr. Cole is working to modify this site for use by students everywhere as a suppliment to their classes and as a portal for more individualized tutoring. This web-site is an outgrowth of that effort.

If you are interested in learning about individualized tutoring options, please contact Mr. Cole at